Not work

Not work

When we’re not busy making our clients digital superstars, we experiment, play, design, test and build unexpected stuff for the internet.

New logo for BotXO turned into a sticker
The office on a sunny day
Signifly illustrations
Valentines Day at the office
New brand guidelines for KlarPris
A Nordic Guide to Silicon Valley
Hammertime at the office
Envotherm icons
Icons for Universe Trophyhunt
Cooking up the new online store for Stila
HelloSkin's new mascot. Meet Patchy!
Designing our very own beer label
Shades on point
Sneak peak of our new visual identity
Marlene Juhl Jørgensen Fine Jewellery
Icon pack for Is it a Bird
Flying to the next level
Design a day - No Bra Day
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