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Creative Front-End Developer (FR / EN)

Can you help us set the standard for smart, useful and beautiful front-end applications?

About the role

We are a team of entrepreneurs, on a mission to reboot the corporate world, and show them what a team of great people can accomplish with a start-up mindset. Our team of developers is a key part of developing new concepts together with our clients, and we are now looking for a curious, creative and extremely talented front-end developer to join our team. We want to set the standard for what highly useful and beautiful front-end applications should look like, and we need a passionate and experienced front-end coder to join our team and further our success. Sounds like a challenge that could get your A-game on? Then please read more below.

If you are a Vue.js expert or lover (or React/Angular and ready to switch track - or convince us that we should switch...) and you are an entrepreneurial and creative soul, then we might be a good match. If you also deeply appreciate design like it should always be (functional, relevant and carefully crafted), we really hope you wanna swing by for a cup of coffee and some tech talk. 

We are an agency, meaning that we work with a range of clients, typically in focused sprints where we build new products for them, or make improvements on products that we previously built with them (NO development on stuff that we did not build ourselves!). 

We have an excellent team of developers across our Montreal and Copenhagen offices, and we look forward to welcome you, throw challenges at you, teach you new stuff, get stuff taught from you and make sure that we grow together and deliver on our ambition to set new and higher standards.

DEADLINE: Application will close with a two day notice on this page.

What we expect from you

To be considered for this position we require that you:
  • Have at least 3 years of experience developing SPAs in a relevant framework: Vue, React, Angular

  • Have a solid professional experience in an agency, start-up, consultancy or corporate

  • Have a passion for design and usability, and naturally keep up-to-date with new trends and ideas of the industry

  • Are fluent in English - if you also speak French, it is an extra point in the book

  • Excel as a team player, with the ability to keep the process fun and create great products in small groups

  • Are fascinated by and understand new technologies, keeping yourself always up-to-date on trends and break-throughs

  • Aim for excellence, at Signifly, we have high standards! ;-)

Our tech stack: Vue.JS, Nuxt, CSS, HTML, GSAP, Laravel (PHP), Shopify (Liquid). Occasionally: React and WordPress.