Student developer

Digital Agency based in Copenhagen, Signifly

Job description

As a developer, do you prefer to get a list of detailed tasks to do that somebody else came up with? Or do you find it more motivating to take part in shaping a product, and figure out how we can make a difference for the people using it? If the latter is the case, you will most likely find this position inspiring, challenging and fun, and we would look forward to welcome you on the team!

  • When: Spring / summer 2017. We would like to get you on board as soon as possible, but if you are the right person we can wait a while too.
  • Where: Signifly’s offices in Copenhagen (Vesterbro)
  • Type of position: Student position

We are looking for a talented and ambitious computer science student

We are an ambitious and passionate lot, including both creatives, developers and digital strategists. We work closely together in small project teams to build awesome digital tools for our clients, who operate in both the Danish and the global markets. We work hard to achieve the kind of quality digital experience, that users know from [you-name-it]-as-a-service and expect from serious and ambitious brands.

As a student developer you will assist the developers in your project team and have the chance to do both front-end development, back-end development and testing. You will learn to take more responsibility on smaller updates and support tasks, and when you are comfortable enough you will be made in charge of mid-size projects too, including consulting with the client. We expect you to be energetic and eager to learn – then we will make sure that you get to work on interesting projects, with new technologies and experienced team mates.

We take pride in supporting the solutions we deliver, but make sure to leave the heavy operations and maintenance for the IT-companies. After all, we are a creative bunch, motivated by creating genuine digital touch points. We start many new projects every year, so there is plenty of opportunities to experiment with new technologies.

The perks are pretty good ;-) The best is of course the most amazing and ambitious team you could dream of working with. Apart from that we have bright and noise reduced working space, delicious (and free) lunch, quality coffee and tea, sodas and beer in the fridge, afternoon snacks, social events at least once pr. month, Friday bars, large parties for our friends, team meeting with dinner every other month, field trips, Christmas lunch, “nytårskur”, annual paid one-week cabin trip, and everything else we can think of to make it awesome to be part of the Signifly team.

We expect you to be

A smart and ambitious individual, with a strong urge to create great digital products. You know how to structure your work and get things done, while still having a creative and curious approach to the things that you work with. You must be ambitious about your job and your career, and then we promise that you will never be asked to make coffee or photocopies - perhaps only for yourself.. ;-) You are a strong team player, that can make the people around you look good, and who is comfortable presenting your ideas to clients or the team you are working with.

Specific requirements

  • You have studied at least 2 semesters in a computer science program (ITU, DIKU, DTU, AAU, etc.)
  • You have experience with web development and can show samples of work
  • You have a strong sense of OO-design and development
  • You can develop in one or more web oriented languages; JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Phython etc.
  • You are good at understanding real world user or client problems, and able to propose smart technical solutions to address them
  • Experience with CLIs / Unix is a plus, but not a requirement
  • Speaking and understanding Danish is a plus in relation to clients, but not required

Experience with one or more CMSs would be good, but not at all a requirement.

Caught your interest?

If we have caught your interest, you can apply online here. If you are curious to learn a bit more before applying, just send your LinkedIn to Nana Skak ( and we will be in touch.

Have a portfolio or resumé that will rock our world?